The 1Heart Success and Continuing Professional Education Translates To Its Exceptional Growth in the US

1Heart’s Franchisee 3rd Qtr. Business Academy Training showed a strong, growing franchise with reinforced synergy among seasoned and new 1Heart business owners.

Leaders of various 1Heart franchise locations such as Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and some out of State converged at 1Heart’s Corporate Headquarters last September 8, 2017 to form improved business strategies that would benefit 1Heart’s further success in the home care industry. The meeting was led by its CEO/Founder, Belina C. Nernberg and Director of Business and Franchise Development, Randolph Clarito.

The Business Conference focused on: Becoming an Effective and Successful Franchisee by doing business the 1Heart way.  Continuing education and training on the business system and processes were conducted by the heads of the HR/Staffing, Marketing, Accounting and  Sales Departments.  Some of the areas discussed were with regards to business revenue generation, senior care management and quality assurance. The Conference ended with the sharing of ideas and renewed commitment to grow the 1Heart Brand in all 1Heart Franchise offices.

“This meeting has been a showcase of great ideas from all of 1Heart and I’m glad that all our Franchisees are as committed as we are at Corporate to build our brand nationwide.  We are celebrating our 14th year of operating in this thriving senior care industry and our business model has proven to be successful and effective. This is evident with our franchise locations that have shown increased revenue as they offer 1Heart’s services to more seniors in their respective areas.  It’s really great to know that 1Heart keeps getting better year after year. It is a winning culture.” says Belina.

“This kind of industry as with other businesses is ever changing. 1Heart has so far been very successful and has experienced steady growth since the company started franchising a few years ago. And although we have received accolades here and there, we do not rest on our laurels and continue to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing market. We continue to improve on what we already have established and have executed programs and campaigns that helped us generate more increased visibility not only via traditional direct referral marketing and print but also, through online marketing such as website, social media, and email. Learning from the previous 2nd quarter Business Academy training on ’organizational effectiveness’, I am very glad that our franchise locations are implementing these programs and constantly finding other ways and means to further grow their 1Heart franchise office. I can say that this business conference has truly been very beneficial for the whole 1Heart to dominate, innovate and expand in the coming years. This is definitely something to look forward to.” says Randolph.

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