Pivoting Your Franchise Marketing Plan in a Global Pandemic

Though a vaccine might be just around the corner, we are still in it for the long haul when it comes to Covid-19 in the United States. The effects of the pandemic will be felt for generations to come, and your franchise advertising strategy needs to adjust if it hopes to continue to thrive. Even in a sector proven to remain strong as a global crisis unfolds, it’s still important to connect with your community and clients in a way that reassures them and bolsters hope.

Learn how to help your business flourish in troubled times with 1Heart.

1. Emphasize Safety

If you work with 1Heart, that means your franchise is likely somewhere on the West Coast, which is known to have been hit hard by Covid-19 outbreaks. Your business requires you to be inside households and maintain intimate terms with the people you care for, and that means you need to reassure your clients that you pay the utmost attention to current safety measures, both statewide and in your community. Your franchise advertising strategy should emphasize that you are not only effective at what you do, you are also committed to keeping yourself and others safe from infection.

2. Court Companionship

Lockdowns have made many people more prone to isolation than they were previously, and for seniors who are already at greater risk of being cut off from their loved ones, this can be a terrible blow for both their mental and physical health. Your franchise marketing plan needs information about how you can provide a reliable and true companion to the people you serve, not just a person who shows up to do chores and provide medication reminders. If your franchise advertising strategy does not include anything about your individual caregivers, adjust it so that prospective clients can get a sense of who you really are as a business.

3. Pivot to Digital

You will not find many successful businesses in the modern age that do not have a strong digital outreach program, and that goes double now that we are in a period of lockdown. One of the reasons we put so much information in our blogs is that we know many of our clients find us through the internet, and we want to communicate that we see them and we are here to meet their needs. Any good franchise advertising strategy needs to recognize how much of their business will come from the internet, and buckle down with a serious digital marketing plan.

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4. Stay Flexible

Information about the Coronavirus is changing all the time: while the beginning of the pandemic emphasized that sanitizing surfaces and washing your hands was paramount for avoiding the virus, recent studies have shown that this is less important than staying out of contact with others. Your franchise marketing plan needs to account for the fact that the conditions of this pandemic are ever-changing, from safety protocols to due dates for vaccines. A franchise advertising strategy that understands the need to keep track of the latest developments will do far better than one that stays rigid no matter how far off the map they travel.

5. Use Every Resource

1Heart makes sure you have easy access to all the resources we can provide because we want your franchise to succeed. But while not every organization or grant may advertise their services, a little bit of research can do you a world of good for finding ways to fund and implement your franchise advertising. You may be surprised at how efficiently some agencies will work for or how widely you can distribute advertisements and word-of-mouth at little to no cost.

6. Be Humane

These are serious times, and no one wants to feel like they are being sold something they do not need. A tacky branding voice that makes you come off as a used car salesman will be off-putting to those who might otherwise make great use of your services. Your franchise advertising should emphasize that you are performing a valuable good for the community, and be confident in what you have to offer without coming off as gimmicky or pushy.

Develop Your Franchise Marketing Plan with 1Heart

Your franchise and the health of the 1Heart brand are intimately tied together: when your business thrives, it helps us bolster our ability to support you and franchisers like you to work all the good you can in your community. A franchise advertising that lets you get the word out about your expertise is something we benefit from as well, which is why we would love for you to share any tips you have with the rest of the 1Heart Franchise community. A rising tide lifts all boats, so leave a comment below and share some ways you have managed to let the world know about your franchise.

To learn how to start a franchise advertising campaign for your 1Heart project or learn more about our opportunities, get in touch with us today. A caretaker service with no clients will not be able to do much good, so make sure you use every tool at your disposal when it comes to making sure people know why they should trust you. Get your name out there and start making a difference when you join the 1Heart Franchise family today.

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