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When you invest in your own homecare business, you’re investing in a better community. The 1Heart franchise opportunity is the vehicle that can help drive the success of your senior care journey. With low start-up costs, several available prime territories, hands-on coaching with extensive training, and dedicated support, your homecare franchise is prepared for growth from the beginning. Help our elderly improve their quality of life by pairing them with compassionate caregivers through your own senior care franchise.

Build your own business and start working towards achieving your personal life goals. Believe you can.

Trustworthy & Recognized Brand

1Heart Caregiver Services has been providing private care services for seniors since 2003. With over 15 years of reliability and 90 years combined experience in healthcare and business management, we’ve garnered exclusive territories in the CA area and beyond. In 2015, we began offering homecare franchise opportunities.

Initial and Ongoing Support Network

We do everything in our power to prepare your franchise for ultimate success. Aside from general industry insight, 1Heart also provides marketing, sales, business development, accounting and staffing support when needed. Ask your dedicated franchise consulting agent for guidance when you need it most!

Effective and Unique Training Programs

Passion for the homecare industry goes a long way, but experience matters more. Our experts are here to back you up. We’ll support your journey with assistance obtaining your homecare license, and we’ll provide up-to-date training through the 1Heart Business Academy to ensure your franchise flourishes.

Formula For Success

Our 1Heart formula for success provides long term business prosperity through excellent care, heart for wellness, and service with integrity. This gives you the chance to own a senior care franchise with a proven blueprint for success.

1Heart Caregiver Services offers unique proprietary programs, processes, and methodology that drives organizational effectiveness and generates desired business revenue consistently. Let us show you how to manage, market, and expand your senior care franchise today.

Entering The Booming Homecare Market

When You Succeed, We Succeed

Our tried-and-true process is built to eliminate the guesswork surrounding how to start a caregiver business. It all starts with you:

Let’s Hear From Our Senior Care Franchise Owners

1Heart provides staff and franchisee training through its 1Heart Business Academy. Their continued guidance and suport have been very valuable in helping me get opportunities to grow my business. It really is an advantage being a 1Heart Franchise.

TJ Azores, Franchise Owner since 2017

Thousand Oaks, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What makes the 1Heart Caregiver Services franchise different from other elder care opportunities?

The 1Heart Caregiver Services brand is well-established and highly regarded in the homecare industry. With over 12 years of experience and numerous awards, accolades, and positive reviews, we are experienced in helping others own and operate a franchise business.

02. I’m interested in starting a 1Heart Caregiver Services franchise in my area. How do I get started?

To operate a 1Heart Caregiver Services franchise, it’s necessary to have a genuine desire and passion for helping the elderly. When you’re ready to move forward, complete our online application and the six-step process, which includes confirming your interest and ability to meet the initial financial requirements.

03. How is a 1Heart Caregiver Services franchise different from starting my own home care business?

Starting an independent business from scratch takes time and may require lengthy permitting and licensing processes. With a 1Heart Caregiver Services franchise, you are working with a well-established brand that helps you ramp up quickly and start earning money.

04. Do I receive professional training through 1Heart Caregiver Services to make my franchise a success?

Absolutely! The 1Heart Caregiver Services Business Academy offers training and assistance in obtaining your homecare license and providing the necessary skills and knowledge to help your franchise thrive.

05. Is there an initial investment I need to make to start a 1Heart Caregiver Services franchise?

Yes. The initial franchise fee is $45,000. However, depending on location, we require franchisees to demonstrate total financing between $80,000 and $113,000. Your initial investment amount is discussed during the application process.

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