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Operating a homecare business is quite rewarding, but without proper support, it can be a difficult endeavor. That’s why 1Heart is always available to provide assistance throughout the entire process. We offer guidance on everything from proper procedures to accounting services for our franchisees.

If you’re ready to take the leap, 1Heart is here to offer you the support you need to get off to a successful start. As you begin your franchise journey, be sure to read some of our tips below on how to run a 1Heart franchise.

1. It Starts with the People

It probably goes without saying, but your franchise’s fortunes will depend largely on your team. With that in mind, it’s important to hire the right people.

Unless you plan to serve as both the owner and operator of your franchise, you’ll need to hire a general manager early on. Any candidate for this role must have considerable experience managing the day-to-day operations of a small to medium-sized facility. Ideally, this experience will include managing a homecare operation.

Most importantly, however, the prospective general manager needs to possess strong communication skills as well as an ability to identify talent. They will be the one who makes some of the most critical hires for the facility, such as someone to handle what accounting responsibilities are left for franchisees after 1Heart’s support.

As you prepare to interview candidates, come up with a list of questions that require the candidate to give you examples of times they exercised leadership in difficult situations. Be sure to also ask questions about why they choose to work in homecare to determine how passionate they are about serving others. Eventually, you’ll learn whether the candidate has what it takes and understands how to run a 1Heart franchise.

2. Be Goal-Driven

Becoming a successful 1Heart franchise owner starts with a commitment to self-improvement. To do that, you need to determine what success looks like and then measure your progress toward it.

Initially, the goals should focus on operations. Later, the goals can shift toward accounting metrics for franchisees, such as net income and profit.

You should create new goals every quarter. Once you’ve created the goals, set aside time with your general manager every two weeks to monitor progress made toward the goals. These meetings are also perfect opportunities to discuss blockers preventing your organization from reaching its quarterly goals and then brainstorming ways to overcome them.

3. Know What Resources are Available to You

The most intimidating part about starting a new business is the uncertainty. It can be difficult to determine priorities when so much needs to get done. At 1Heart, we try to remove as much of the ambiguity as possible.

From the outset, 1Heart provides you with support based on your personal needs. If, for instance, you need training in maintaining an executive presence, we can develop a plan to build your confidence and improve at your craft over time.

Over the life of your franchise, we’ll provide ongoing support. For franchisees, we handle account reconciliation, legal support, and assistance with marketing. And, we assign you a consulting agent to provide you with support throughout your time as a franchise owner.

4. Be a Part of Your Community

If you feel owning a homecare business is your calling, you’re likely someone who cares deeply about your community. This civic-mindedness can be a key differentiator for you early on as you develop franchisee processes such as accounting practices.

Although 1Heart will provide you with marketing and sales support, there’s no better way to build your franchise’s reputation than by being a fixture in your community. Whether it is attending city council meetings to advocate on behalf of senior citizens or setting up a stand at community events to introduce yourself to your neighbors, it is critical to becoming a name people trust as you figure out how to run a franchise. Moving a loved one to a care facility is a difficult decision for any family. They want to know their provider is trustworthy and invested in their work.

So, as a franchisee, think of the work you’re doing for your community before diving into details like accounting.

5. Culture is Key

Company culture is key to the success of any organization. You can’t make every decision for every employee every day. But, if you build a strong culture, your employees will always have the guidance they need to make tough decisions daily.

Before accounting for issues you’ll confront as a franchisee, work with your general manager to decide what values you want your franchise to embody. If you want your employees to be respectful of one another, write it down. If you feel an environment in which teamwork is prized will allow your organization to thrive, include it, as well.

From there, it’s a matter of modeling the behavior you want. If you want to build a respectful environment, make sure to value the opinion of your employees during meetings. This could look like building time into a meeting agenda for employees to offer their feedback. Or, it could be meeting with an employee separately to address an incident in which they disrespected a co-worker.

Before asking yourself the question of how to run a franchise, consider your values. It’s just as important as understanding the ins and outs of accounting for franchisees.

6. Keep Your ‘Why’ Top of Mind

Running a business isn’t easy. To get through some of the toughest days, you need to remind yourself of why it’s so important to you.

Before founding a franchise, make a list of the reasons why you chose to enter the business in the first place. Have your employees do the same. Then, at least once a quarter, schedule a meeting in which everyone gets the chance to share one of their ‘whys’.

From handling accounting matters designated for franchisees to meetings, it’s easy to become mired in the day-to-day. Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and remind yourself why it’s all worth it.

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