Start a Homecare Agency

We all want to make a difference for the people we love, but not all of us know exactly where to begin or what to do. Luckily, 1Heart Franchise is one of the most proven names in the business and can provide you with the resources and expertise you need to succeed. With our help, you can start a homecare agency to achieve your personal goals and at the same time, address a growing need in your community. We can simplify the startup process and align your passion for aiding the elderly with families who need a hand. When you start a senior caregiver business with us, you’re joining a network of caring entrepreneurs who have found the freedom and fulfilling career they’ve longed for.

Homecare Not Healthcare

If you’ve been hesitant to start a homecare agency because you don’t have a medical background, rest assured that you have nothing to worry about. Homecare is not the same as healthcare. When you learn how to get started with homecare, you’ll quickly realize that it involves working with senior citizens in the community who need different kinds of support other that aren’t medical, like medication reminders, th running of errands, bathroom assistance, and so on. They need someone to care for them, and when you start a homecare agency you’re opening a venture that will provide the professional and compassionate help needed to maintain their independence as they live their lives with dignity.

Steps to Open a Homecare Agency

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Ignite your passion for Giving Back

Caregivers are a significant part of the lives of families who utilize their services. We play an important role for those who will have trouble finding the care they need from family or friends. No matter how close a family may be, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to give your loved ones proper care.

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Commit to the Entrepreneurial Path

You’re about to start a homecare agency, and that’s a massive responsibility no matter how much experience you have. We’ll be with you every step of the way, but you’ve got to grab the opportunity by the horns and push yourself as much as you can.

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Fill out our Preliminary Questionaire

This helps us get to know you as a potential partner—your ambitions, goals, and capacity to help the seniors in your community. When you start a homecare agency and succeed, we succeed as well.

It’s time to get started on your future—a future that achieves your life goals, such as more time with your family, financial freedom, and a heightened sense of satisfaction. And if you want to know how to get started with living your best life, you’ll want to learn how to get started with homecare. We’re ready to help you help the seniors in your community by giving you the tools to start a homecare agency based on tried and true principles. Visit our Steps To Franchising page to learn the six steps to open a homecare agency in-depth. Start a homecare agency of your own with the help of 1Heart Franchise today.