Person Centered Elder Support Services

As a 1Heart franchisee, we expect a high level of care and commitment in every aspect of the business. One of the most important elements of the elder support services you provide is a person-centered approach. This is a recent development in both general hospital care, and when applied to assistance for seniors living at home. Learn what person-centered care actually means and how it can benefit your patients.

What is Person-Centered Care?

Person-centered care is a complete overhaul of the way the healthcare industry treats individuals. Instead of following basic procedural guidelines when providing routines, medications, and alternatives, healthcare professionals are now partnering with their patients to develop better monitoring and care that puts people and families first.

You don’t just give patients whatever they want or provide them information and send them on their way. Your team members should be considering patient values, family situations, desires, and personal circumstances to find appropriate personalized solutions to their problems and concerns. Compassion is taking precedence over professionalism, and it’s changing the way elder support services operate.

More Flexibility & Versatility

As our services take into account everyone’s personal situation and specific needs, each business must become more flexible to better respond to patient expectations. Some of the cornerstones of person-centered care in elder support services include:

  • Respecting and applying people’s values to professional decisions
  • Listening to their preferences and needs
  • Coordinating and integrating care with family members
  • Ensuring physical comfort and safety for patients
  • Providing emotional support to patients and families
  • Involving families as much as possible
  • Striving for continuity within and between services
  • Guaranteeing access to appropriate care when necessary

If you’re interested in applying a person-centered approach to assistance for seniors living at home, reach out to 1Heart today to learn more or fill out our franchise form.