6 Hiring Tips for Your Caregiver Franchise

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Hiring a caregiver for in-home help is a significant part of owning a franchise. Finding the right person can lead to a rush of recommendations from patients and their families, furthering the overall growth of your franchise.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t stress. 1Heart offers staffing support so you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. Check out these six helpful tips for hiring a new caregiver.

It’s in the Job Description

The first hiring tip for finding the right caregiver is to have a clear job description. Today’s workforce values transparency. The clarity you offer in the description sets a precedent for what a caregiver can expect from you as an employer. Even the best employees will not look fondly on a surprise task that is part of their regular job duties but wasn’t addressed in the description.

Give a quick summary about your franchise, and make sure you include company values. Then, determine what you will expect from your employees and be upfront about it. Have a bullet-point list of skills, education, and certifications. And remember that you’re unlikely to find a perfect candidate with every skill and certification!

Additional information your job listing should have:

  • Benefits
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Salary Range
  • Location

Make the Most of Your Resources

One of the many benefits of starting a business through a franchise instead of setting out on your own is the support and guidance that is offered throughout the entire process. 1Heart offers training, staffing support, and tips for hiring. The training and support are designed to meet the needs of your location so you never have to feel like you’re on your own.

Put the Word Out There

Today’s job search has moved online. Take the final polished version of the job description and share it on job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed. Then, check social media to see if there are any local groups for job hunters.

Once your job listing is posted online, reach out to friends and family. Ask them to spread the word. Let current employees know you’re hiring. If you want a fun tip for hiring, you could even give current employees a small incentive like a bonus, free lunch, or an extra day off if they recommend someone that is hired and stays for at least three months.

Know the Pay Rate

When you decide you will be hiring a caregiver for in-home services, ensure you know how much you are willing to pay ahead of time. You do not have to decide on one salary ahead of time, but you should at least have a range. Then, you can adjust the range as needed depending on the candidate. If you are hiring someone that is new to the field, offer a lower salary. If you hire someone that has several years of experience and a list of qualifications and references, consider giving them a higher salary.

A pay-related tip for hiring is that you should consider putting the salary range in the job listing. This will save both you and the candidate time if it turns out you are unable to meet their desired salary. It is also believed that including pay information in a job listing significantly increases the likelihood that a candidate will apply.

Have an Interview Process

You are unlikely to get a proper idea of a candidate in a single interview. Outline your interview process ahead of time so you can prepare yourself. Candidates will also appreciate it if you can tell them after each stage what the next steps are.

Start with a phone interview that addresses basic requirements and the candidate’s salary preferences. If you want to move the candidate to the next stage, do an in-person interview where you can meet face-to-face and ask more in-depth questions.

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Do a Reference Check

Think back to the last time you updated your resume. You likely had a goal of making yourself sound like the perfect candidate to a potential employer. That’s great! But for this hiring tip, remember the candidates applying to your job listing are doing the same thing.

When you’re hiring a caregiver for in-home services, you must find someone you can count on to handle challenging experiences in a compassionate and responsible way. If you have a position that requires specific qualifications or certifications, it is not enough to take their word for it. Call their references and make sure they have the experience they claim.

1Heart brings franchise opportunities to people who want to set out on their own while making a positive impact on the aging generations in their community. For more information about how you can start your own caregiver franchise, contact us today.

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